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Professional Archival Storage Systems (Plasmon / UDO)   

In today's market, your data is a competitive advantage, helping you to respond quickly to new opportunities and to increase shareholder value.

It is critical to have active enterprise file servers that guarantee the permanence of documents, authenticity, access, longevity and low cost of ownership.

The "Archive Appliance Elite" series integrates solid drive reliability with existing file structure.  This is combined with a powerful new storage management system, creating an archiving solution for professional data with unmatched speed, performance and ease of use.

The "Archive Appliance Elite" series provides a fully integrated business data file system that meets the demands of industry solutions to minimize business risk, lower total cost of ownership, and ensures rapid and random access to data and maintains regulatory compliance.

The "Elite Archive Appliance" series run on the same three main technologies developed specifically for archiving data - only improved: the new high-performance system storage management cached RAID software, file management, and Ultra Density Optical (UDO).

ASTI Optical Storage