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Professional Archival Storage Systems


                                            DISC ArXtor Series Appliance is an extension of DISC Series ArXtor Lite.

It consists of the same Blu-ray libraries, but integrates a server that expands its functionality with the ability to configure up to two virtual environments. The embedded server eliminates the need for additional hardware and provides numerous possibilities for integration.

With Opensource based KVM Hypervisor, the solution offers integrated redundant and hot swap disks to enable cache during memory storage. It provides a hybrid solution, combining the best of RAID technology (speed) with the best of Blu-ray technology (durability).

The embedded server eliminates the need for additional hardware

The automatic storage software (iSCSI Library Management) provides an easy storage environment

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The system provides integrated, hot-swappable (hot swap) redundant disks, to enable cache during storage

Based on Open Source Hypervisor KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) using Intel VT-x technology

Configurable up to two environments (VMs)

Facilitates the use of digital storage applications and different operating systems

Management and automated data retention, secure, on-line, near-line and off-line, high durability,  WORM format prevents files from being altered or deleted

Remote monitoring and real-time diagnostic device

Functionality standard copy of the data and optionally "mirroring" and / or replication for disaster prevention

The integrated iSCSI interface provides a simple connection, low cost, gigabit standard protocol that facilitates storage for any OS

Touchless Technology SmartPack 120mm to handle Blu-ray discs

Smart front panel with touchscreen and / or Web-based GUI application (Java)

Mobile App for remote information of ArXtor libraries through any mobile


DISC BluRay Libraries