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Presentacion LOP_V5_PT Espanol 140305.pdf Presentacion LOP_V5_PT Espanol 140305.pdf

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Presentacion LOP_V5_PT Espanol 140305.pdf Presentacion LOP_V5_PT Espanol 140305.pdf

The Portuguese company LOPS-Technology operates in the area of information technologies, developing various solutions for the education sector, for which they created and developed a completely innovative educational platform.  Here is a brief summary.

This setting refers to a system and method of operation for proper management and archiving of educational content, and more specifically the integration and interaction between the computers used by teachers, students and also with other peripherals, and file management of all actions / activities, allowing interactivity and interoperability between events, even if they are not in the same place, or connected via the Internet.

This development is useful for schools, training centers and other entities providing infrastructure for interactive context and collaboration in classroom / training / meetings in schools, businesses or the like, promoting the improvement of educational outcomes by introducing new information technologies and communication applied to education.

This platform is patented in Portugal 104418 (the full license), South Africa 2011/07082 (the full license) and patent pending in Europe with the number 2,402,893 (all countries of the European Union), USA 13/203 - 835 662 2010/097 Japan, UAE 854/2011, New Zealand 595 414, and Brazil 2010/097662.

LOPS Technology